SIS - List of competent authorities 2023 - UpdatedSIS - List of competent authorities 2023 - UpdatedEach year, since it assumed the operational management of the system, eu-LISA publishes the list of competent authorities which are authorised to directly search the data contained in SIS as well as the list of National SIS Offices and SIRENE Bureaux. The present consolidated list is based on information communicated by Member States by 25 August 2023. The Schengen Information System (SIS) is a large-scale IT system that supports public security, border control and law enforcement cooperation in Europe and is managed by eu-LISA since May 2013.154{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Eurodac - Annual Report 2022 - factsheetEurodac - Annual Report 2022 - factsheetThe factsheet provides an overview of the Eurodac’s central system technical functioning in 2022. It can be considered as the summary of the Annual Report.152{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Eurodac - Annual Report 2022 - reportEurodac - Annual Report 2022 - reportThis annual report comprises the technical functioning of the Eurodac central system in 2022. It covers the operational management activities carried out by eu-LISA, as well as an overview of statistical data generated at central level on the usage by Member States.151{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Fingerprint quality per individual finger typeFingerprint quality per individual finger typeEven though some initial works have shown, on small sets of data, that not all fingerprints present the same level of utility for recognition purposes, there is still insufficient data-supported evidence to understand the impact that finger type may have on fingerprint quality and, in turn, also on fingerprint comparison. The present work addresses this still under-researched topic, on a large-scale database of operational data containing 10-print impressions of over 18,000 subjects.153{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}