eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2021eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2021In 2021, eu-LISA’s work was built around three key priorities (1) implementing new legislative initiatives, including Interoperability and the SIS Recast, (2) ensuring the stable operation of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs information systems entrusted to eu-LISA, and (3) proceeding with the second extension of the Agency's technical site in Strasbourg.46{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
Factsheet: SIS II Technical Report 2019-2020Factsheet: SIS II Technical Report 2019-2020This factsheet contains the highlights of the SIS II Technical Report 2019-2020 and should be considered as an annex to the report itself.124{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
SIS II Technical Report 2019-2020SIS II Technical Report 2019-2020Report on the technical functioning of of the central SIS II and the its communication infrastructure, including aspects related to security and the bilateral and multilateral exchange of supplementary information between Member States.125{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Eurodac - List of designated authorities with access to Central System data 2022Eurodac - List of designated authorities with access to Central System data 2022This is the list of designated authorities which have access to data recorded in the Central System of Eurodac pursuant to Article 27(2) of the Regulation (EU) No 603/2013, covering the purpose laid down in Article 1(1) of the same Regulation. The list was initially published on the OJ C237 on 20.07.2015. Where there are amendments thereto, the Agency shall publish once a year an updated consolidated list online. The present consolidated list is based on the list of designated authorities communicated by Member States by 25 March 2022.123{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}