eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2020eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2020On 3-5 November 2020, the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA) hosted its 12th Industry Roundtable titled “Data Quality and Interoperability Addressing the Capability Gaps through Standardisation”. The online event brought together over 320 participants from more than 90 organisations and 35 countries, representing international border management and security industries, EU Member State authorities, EU Institutions and JHA Agencies as well as representatives of NGOs and Academia. This year’s edition of the eu-LISA Industry Roundtable focused the discussion on the challenges pertaining to data quality and access to data in context of the new information architecture for internal security, border and migration management. To address these challenges, we invited companies to present their solutions focusing on ensuring biometric data quality at the point of capture, ensuring the quality of alphanumeric and biometric data in large scale IT systems, as well as access to data.106{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2021-2023eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2021-2023The aim of the Single Programming Document 2021–2023 is to set the activities to be executed by the Agency in 2021 as well as the allocation of available human and financial resources to them. It also provides a multiannual outlook until 2023 on planned major activities and projects.41{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
VIS Technical Report 2017-2019VIS Technical Report 2017-2019Report on the technical functioning of the Visa Information System (VIS). Activities implemented, projects developed and other information included in the document (such as data provided by Member States on the usage of the system), cover the October 2017 to September 2019 period.104{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Factsheet: VIS Technical Report 2017-2019Factsheet: VIS Technical Report 2017-2019The factsheet features the most relevant highlights of the VIS report on the technical functioning of the system and should be considered as a detailed annex to the report itself.105{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}