​The core values that drive and underpin operational activities and the strategic development of eu-LISA are:

  • accountability: deploying a sound governance framework, cost-efficient operations and sound financial management;

  • transparency: providing regular and open communication to the agency’s key stakeholders and engaging them in a continuous dialogue to define a long-term strategy for the development of the agency;

  • excellence: through having the right organisational structure, the right people and the right processes in place to ensure service continuity and functional comprehensiveness of tools provided to the Member States;

  • continuity: ensuring that the agency will make the best use of expertise, knowledge and investments made by the Member States and will continue to develop them;

  • teamwork: seek to empower each individual team member to make the best use of their knowledge and experience, contributing to the common success;

  • customer focus: ensure that the agency is aligned at any time with the needs and demand of its stakeholders.