Working Group for Carriers

Air carriers, sea carriers and international carriers transporting groups overland by coach can now register with eu-LISA using the forms published on this page.

The Working Group for Carriers (WG) is an informal coordination body between eu-LISA, the European Commission, Frontex and carrier associations (for carriers operating at air and sea borders, and international carriers transporting groups overland by coach). Its main scope is:

  • to facilitate the preparation of carriers for the implementation of their obligations stemming from the legal framework of the EES and ETIAS Regulations
  • to ensure that carrier activities are aligned with the activities and planning of the EES and ETIAS Projects.

The WG's main tasks are to:

  • Provide awareness to carriers on their obligations that stem from the applicable legal framework;
  • Provide a platform for discussions on the Carrier implementing Regulation and about the related processes/guidelines for EES/ETIAS.
  • Obtain visibility on the status of  preparation including any relevant operational/technical considerations from carriers;
  • Regularly provide updates on the planning and state of play of projects
  • Coordinate carriers in their preparation and post EiO activities with the central systems;
  • Provide a platform to discuss practical matters, difficulties and obstacles, share best practices.

According to the EES and the ETIAS regulations, carriers will have to query EES and ETIAS and receive answers regarding the status of travellers. With the introduction of the EES, which replaces the manual stamping of passports with an electronic record of entries and exits, carriers will verify if a third-country national travelling to the EU with a short-stay, single or double entry visa has already used the number of entries authorised by their visa. Once ETIAS enters into operation, carriers will have to verify, prior to boarding, that their visa-exempt passengers have a valid travel authorisation.

The WG will be composed of:

  • European Commission experts (DG HOME and other relevant DGs);
  • The EES-ETIAS Advisory Group Chairperson;
  • eu-LISA experts;
  • European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) experts;
  • Representatives from carrier associations operating at air, sea and international carriers transporting groups overland by coach;
  • Advisors from Member States